Month: January 2016

Mom Wanted the Satellite Dish on a Pole in the Ground

My mom told me she would never get satellite TV because of the dish. I looked up and down the street on her block. It looked to me like most of her neighbors already had it. She just did not want the dish on her house for some reason. Well, I did not have a problem with it at my house. I contacted Direct TV in Aledo months ago. That is what got mom talking about it. She looked at my satellite bill I had setting out on the table. It is less than what she pays for cable. She likes it better than cable. However, she had all kinds of worries about a dish being on her roof.

She said it might cause a leak or attract lightning. Never mind that old TV antenna that is still up there on their roof! I called Direct TV in Aledo again and asked them if they could put the dish on a pole in the ground. Mom paid a few extra bucks for that type of install, but it worked for her. The dish is in her flower garden surrounded in the back by field grasses from South America and Black-Eyed Susan’s and Purple Coneflowers in the front. She wanted to “camouflage” the presence of the dish. The installer showed her not to block the line of sight by not planting things that were too tall in front of it.

Mom is happy now. She has a dish you can barely see in her yard, and she has all the channels that I have at my house. All it took was not having the dish put up on her roof. DirecTV does all kinds of non-standard installations. They have solutions for flat roofs, ground installs and pretty much any other place someone might need to put the actual satellite dish for one reason or another. Just ask them.