Month: February 2016

I Wanted to Pick the Right Energy Company

When I lived in New York, getting power to my house was extremely easy. It was that way because there was only one choice, unless I wanted to live off the grid. I am in no way capable of doing that, so I went with the power company that supplied the entire region with electricity. Moving to Texas was a culture shock in that regard. I had no idea that I would have a choice, and when I saw a link with just how many different providers I could choose from, I was even more surprised.

I had not even heard of most of the different companies listed on this site that gives details about all the different energy companies. I did not let that scare me off though. I am the type of person who likes having choices, so I was going to make sure that I researched all of my options so I could make the best choice possible. I was able to read about the deregulation process that happened in Texas over a decade ago, and then I read about the different companies. One might think that these companies are all the same, but the only similarity was that they provide energy.

They are different in their rates, their plans and their different packages. Some have been around for decades while others were formed after the deregulation happened. Some give back to the community, and some offer green alternatives. There are so many differences that it really did take me a while to learn about all of the companies so I could make the decision on which one was going to supply energy to my home. While there were a few that were a good match, only one was able to provide me with the peace of mind in knowing that I was supporting the right company by giving them my business.