Month: July 2016

Getting Creative with Business Advertising

To promote my gutter cleaning and installation business, I hire a printer in Brisbane to make some magnets that could go on the refrigerator. Business cards are usually the go to method for business promotion in my area, but I wanted to do something that would stand out from everyone else who was looking for a spot in the millions of wallets of homeowners. I feel that the better way is to be on the minds of people every time they are about to get something to eat or drink. Every time they think about some delicious food, they’ll think of my business.

The magnets are rectangular magnets that are a little smaller than the average index card. When I hang magnets on my own refrigerator, I try to use something that has enough space to hold a large piece of paper without getting in the way. Sometimes my wife will want to hang reminders on the refrigerator, and sometimes we hang our son’s school work on it when he does a good job. We have even put up a calendar or two that will show any important events that are happening in the community.

Getting the magnets out to people was as simple as placing them in the mail boxes of each home. I drove around and put each magnet in one by one. I have a greater appreciation for what the postal workers have to do, because stopping at each house to deliver something can become a little tedious after an hour. If I had to do it all day and stop at multiple neighborhoods, I might have lost my mind. As I get more customers, I may do something in addition to sending out the magnets. A calendar at the beginning of the year would be a nice way for people to think about the business all year long.

Fancy Ideas and Special Effects

Last month, I was able to get in touch with a company called Big 3 Media, and asked them to help me make a video. The video is going to be used as a promotional tool for a video game that would be coming in the fall. Although the video doesn’t have a realistic art style, I wanted to have the video make with real actors to get people into the mood that they are in the game when they are playing it. The video has a dramatic tone and gives viewers the feeling that they are all alone in space.

The video begins with a person jumping out of a space ship onto an unknown space station. The station is dark, and the person is exploring it using a special visor that can show them things that the normal human eye can’t. The person also has a small cannon mounted on their arm for offense. Not long after entering the station, creatures emerge and attack the person, causing them to fire the cannon in retaliation. The person defeats the creatures easily and showcases all of the abilities that it can do. At the end of a corridor, the person encounters a large creature that looks more threatening than any that came before it. The creature roars and the person raises the arm cannon. The cannon charges with a bright light as it prepares to fire and the video ends.

In order to create the video, a lot of special effects had to be used, as it would have been impossible to shoot the video in space. I was even able to take part in the commercial. The roar that the large creature makes is simply my voice after being altered by a computer. They told me to make a roar that sounded like a movie dinosaur.