Month: August 2016

Our Online Business is Small but Stable and Nets Us a Steady Income

We have had our business online for years. We were one of the first in our field to move into Internet marketing of our products. We have been doing very well even though we sell only to a small niche of consumers. Before the Internet, our sales were driven by direct-mail marketing. Now we use a company that does website design in Edmonton who also handles all of the graphics, photography and other aspects of our Internet marketing. The big thing is keeping the website fresh and filled with great content as well as our product line. Changes to products in our niche comes very slowly. We rely on new people getting into the hobby and old customers replacing equipment they just plain wear out.

We make enough to support ourselves with our website. We fulfill all the orders ourselves, and we will hire some temporary workers to work at our home-based shipping department in our garage when we decide to go on vacation. Those workers are usually my wife’s mom and dad and a neighbor of theirs. The three of them can ship out stuff without a problem only working about four hours each on a very busy day. We live in a rural area, and we have product delivered to our home by carrier. Our website is always immediately updated when we scan in new product and scan out stuff that has been sold. It lets us control inventory nicely. All of the website development and marketing is done by the company we picked that does website design in Edmonton. They are a full-featured marketing firm as well.

I like the freedom it gives us to serve a stable niche market. We have had a consistent income from our website for over 20 years now. The help we get in managing it really frees up a lot of time for us to do other thing such as taking road trips in our RV.