Month: January 2017

A Must Have for Financial Institutions

I work at a financial investment house here in Singapore and I regularly visit because we go through promotional gift items like a bar goes through beer. I don’t know what it is about banks and financial institutions, but people expect free items and get angry if they don’t get them. You would always here the old jokes about banks giving away toasters. It’s sort of like that I think where people heard the joke and always expect to get something for nothing at their financial institution. They really do get angry if they can’t get free pens. I’ve seen it myself, many times.

The interesting thing about this is that wealthy people expect it more than your average joe. We have one gentleman who has substantial funds invested with us and he flat out told me he won’t work with an institution that doesn’t provide free pens, clothing, umbrellas, etc. on a regular basis. It’s really odd. We give away something just for opening a new account, although those items are better than pens and usually involve some sort of utensil set or something similar. People just want that free swag with our name and logo on it.

I’m in charge of acquiring these goodies and we actually have a floor to ceiling cabinet filled with boxes of pens, mugs, memory sticks, lunchboxes, and umbrellas. I get all this stuff from the above mentioned site and they’re a great supplier. I’ve never had a problem with having to send something back because the order amount is wrong or the printing is off. They consistently deliver the goods, and in a timely fashion. I’ve actually sent messages to them saying they need to stock toasters so we can start handing those out to potential customers. They carry so many neat items maybe they already have them!