We Had Only a Short Time to Get out of There

My husband got bad news that he lost his job, and so we would have to move because we wouldn’t be able to afford our house. We had no clue how we were going to get through this, but we knew we had to do our best. We had no friends where we were, so we would have to find cheap movers in singapore to help us get everything out of there. Luckily I had been bringing in some decent cash writing creative content online so we would be able to afford the new place that we had found.

We got lucky and found some helpful people that were willing to help us move at an extremely cheap rate. I think they felt bad because of our situation, which isn’t the best business quality for them, but I’m grateful for them nonetheless. There was a group of about five of them, so the process of moving went fairly fast. We had a lot of boxes, but not that much furniture, just one couch, a table and chairs, and our bed. We had a lot of closets in our house so we never had the need to take up space with dressers and such.

Things will have to change in our lives now, as I’ll be the main income. I’ll have to increase my creative writing in order to help support us, and possibly pick up other jobs online to make it work. Hopefully my husband will find another job soon so that we aren’t so stressed out about this. I have faith though, and honestly if it weren’t for those singapore movers we would be in a worse spot than we are now. It’s a good thing there are good people in this world still, few and far between, but they show there faces when the time is right.

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