What is the Best Internet You Can Get for an RV?

I am going to be retired before too long. It is going to be about a year and seven months from now. I have already bought a really nice Recreational Vehicle. It is not enormous like a lot of the ones you see and it does not cost as much money as a new car. It is something that is just about the right size for Jean and I to travel around. I went to this site and got a Direct TV package. If I was willing to pay a lot of money I could get an antenna which works while you are moving down the highway. However now it only works when you park the RV and you set up the dish so that it is directed towards the satellite up in orbit around the Earth. All of that was quite easy to figure out. I got the package for the house too and in theory the box in the RV only costs me 5 dollars per month above what the home package costs.

What is not easy to figure out is how you get a good or even a decent internet connection out on the Interstate Highway system. You can get Internet, from HughesNet which is the company which originally founded Direct TV. In fact Howard Hughes was one of the first private citizens or companies to put satellites in to orbit about fifty years ago. However their product has a lot of problems and it costs a lot of money. In theory you can get wireless. In North Carolina you have a company called Clear which seems to operate in all of the populated parts of the state. However I do not plan on staying in this state all of the time or even most of it.

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